on video Make Adjustable DC Power Supply in Easiest Way

 Learn how to make an Adjustable DC Power Supply, You can adjust the Voltage from 1V to 28V, with 1A constant current.
this is a starting level of adjustable power supply,

Major Components List:

C1= 3300uF, 50V
C2= 1uF, 63V
C3=10uf, 63V
R1= 3.3k
R2= 5K Potentiometer
R3= 240 Ohms
d1,d2,d3,d4, = 1A diodes , (1N4007)
Transformer = 24V or  12V***   (1A)

***[ if you use 12V transformer, then the transformer must have tapping of 12-0-12,  Otherwise you will not get 24V] as I have used in this project.

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