on video Led chaser light circuit 2022 | 6 channel led chaser circuit


 Led chaser light circuit 2022 | 6 channel led chaser circuit

What is Chaser Light System? 

An LED chaser or sequencer is a popular LED driving circuit. It is a electronic circuit It's used in running-light rope displays to flash different lighting patterns. In a chaser or sequencer circuit, a controller commands the sequence and timing of the flashing LEDs to illuminate different kinds of lighting patterns.

How to Works Chaser LED System?

This is the circuit of a simple LED chaser. The LEDs lights one by one for a period of 1second, and the cycle repeats, giving the running light appearance. The circuit uses two ICs (one is 555) to drive the LEDs. IC1 (NE555) is the popular timer IC wired in the Astable Multivibrator mode.

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