on video How To Make A Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit


 How To Make A Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit 

 we are going to show you making a bridge amplifier circuit at home easily. Not enough bass sound on your subwoofer, then try this simple tricks to improve your woofer speaker performance. This circuit is operated by TDA2030 sound IC and some other electronics component. 

To make this amplifier  circuit, you might need some electronics component, those component listhave to been given below. 

Component List  :

1. Sound IC – TDA 2030 (2 Pieces)

2. Resistor – 1 K (2 Pieces)

10 K (4 Pieces)

 150  ohm (2 Pieces)

3. Capacitor – 2.2uf/ 50v (4 Pieces)

4. PF – 2A104J (2 Pieces)

I hope to teach you make a simple technical creations and describe some of the equipment and software. watch and enjoy my video and Do not forget Like comment and subscribe my channel.

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