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 How to make Automatic Street light (DIY)

Comment faire automatique Street Light. Dans la vidéo d’aujourd’hui, je vous montre comment réaliser un modèle automatique de Street Light. C'est un projet scientifique de bricolage cool. Ce lampadaire automatique s’allume dans l’obscurité et s’éteint automatiquement à la lumière du jour.

we will see how to make an automatic street light circuit using LDR and BC547 on the breadboard. With this simple dark sensor, we can control a 220v light using a relay. During the video, I have shared the complete circuit diagram.

You can replace the 10k resistor with other values to change the sensitivity of the dark sensor.

After watching the video you can easily make the LDR darkness sensor light using BC547 at home to control a 220v light. I have mentioned all the components details in the darkness sensor circuit

Components required for the Dark Sensor

1. BC547 Transistor,

2. LDR

3. 220-ohm Resistor

4. 10k Resistor

5. LED 5mm

6. 1N4007 Diode

7. SPDT Relay 5V

8. AC Bulb 220V

9. 5V DC source or Mobile Charger

10. Breadboard

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