on video How Inverter Works? - Power Inverters Explained


 In this video, I will show you How Inverter Works? So, How Important are Power Inverters? Power inverters change direct current (DC) stored in batteries into alternating current (AC) that powers the home's electric devices. It is very important for people who live in mobile homes, campers, recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, and other mobile situations to have an inverter or an AC generator.

The inverter doesn't just power appliances, it also powers your computer, TV, and other household electronic devices from battery and wall socket power when the grid goes down. The inverter is widely used in our daily life. However, few people know how many functions inverters can perform. This video is a great opportunity to find out how inverters work and how they are widely used.

00:00 - Intro: General about Power Inverters
01:12 - Power Inverter parts
01:36 - Power Inverter (Single Phase) working principle
03:34 - Pulse Width Modulation (Single Phase Inverter)
04:47 - Power Inverter (Three Phase) general
05:03 - Power Inverter in variable Speed Drive
05:24 - Power Inverter (Three Phase) working principle
06:01 - Pulse Width Modulation (Three Phase Inverter)

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