on video home wiring connection| Board wiring

 home wiring connection| Board wiring 

 only  for educational purpose. High voltage can damage your life. Some works can be Dangerous.And for that, you dont risk and damage your self. Iam a professional in my work. You should take care or precautions before attempting the experiment or work.

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What is main switchboard?

Main switchboard is a switchboard directly supplied by the main source of electrical power and intended to distribute electrical energy to the unit's services.

What is sub switchboard?

A distribution switchboard is the point at which an incoming-power supply divides into separate circuits, each of which is controlled and protected by the fuses or switchgear of the switchboard

What is the difference between a switchboard and a panelboard?

What's the difference between Switchgear, Switchboard and Panelboard? ... A switchboard is typically a low-voltage (240–690V) three-phase panel containing manually operated molded-case circuit breakers. A panelboard is typically a low-voltage single-phase distribution panel with single- and two-pole circuit breakers.

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