on video suitable for easy DIY conversion of Sonoff to include RF switching

 A brief (unsponsored) review of a 433MHz receiver from AliExpress.  A look at its characteristics and its specs.  Can be used to convert Sonoff Basic and Mini to include RF switching.  Make your own Sonoff RF
Distance:About: 20m-50m for Smart Home Control
-Main Features: Sticky 86 Wall, letting you control lights wireless.
-Appliance: Light Lamp Switches, Remote Control Switch, etc.

The first step: Clear the receiver's memory
Press the Learning Button on the receivers for 8 times, the codes will be cleaned.
After cleaning the code, all the remote control can not work any more.
Step Two: Match Wall Panel Remote Transmitter and Receiver
Press the learning key on the receiver twice time, it comes into toggle setting mode.
Wait for a moment, the LED will be on , it comes into learning state.
Press the remote button, LED indicator on the receiver board will flash then come off.

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