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 Full wave bridge rectifier. In this video we look at the full wave bridge rectifier, the half wave rectifier the full wave rectifier, center tapped transformers, diodes, load, oscilloscope, waveform, DC, AC, voltage current, capacitors, bleeder resistor to learn how full wave bridge rectifiers work.

In this tutorial I will explain how to make full wave bridge rectifier using several diodes and capacitors. I will explain three major AC to DC rectification circuits that you can hook up with your center tapped transformer. Also, I will demonstrate some of common types of transformers, diodes and their role at the beginning of this video.

Electronic Components Required:

1) AC-DC Rectifier Circuit No:1

4700uF 50V Capacitor x4

6A Diodes x4

(Circuit Diagram was included in the video)

2) AC-DC Rectifier Circuit No:2

2200uF 50V Capacitor x1

6A Diode x2

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