on video Contactor Turn ON and OFF by Using Two Proximity Sensor


 Contactor Turn ON and OFF by Using Two Proximity Sensor

2 wire ac proximity sensor connection/Wiring with Ac contactor has been explained in the video. AC 2 wire sensors works on ac supply and circuit diagram is also given in video. AC two wire sensor is connected in series with a load. 2 wire ac proximity switch drives ac contactor directly without use of any relay between. Using 2 wire sensor you can automate any 3 phase load

3 phase Contactor wiring/connection has been shown with sensor or proximity sensor. PNP/NPN photoelectric sensor can be easily connected with contactor. Contactor is used as a make and break switch in 3 phase supply. IR or inductive sensor can easily connected with AC contactor/relay. Contactor works just like a relay.

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