on video Atomatic Star delta control wiring using timer relay 😲

 atomatic Star delta control wiring so easy😲

#Required material
1)  contactor -3
2)  timer relay -1
3) normally open switch (no) -1
4) normally close switch (nc) -1
5 some wires
1). contactor holding video link
 contactor working principle
Operating Principle of a Contactor:The current passing through the contactor excites the electromagnet. The excited electromagnet produces a magnetic field, causing the contactor core to move the armature. A normally closed (NC) contact completes the circuit between the fixed contacts and the moving contacts.

 timer relay working principle
 Electromagnetism is the timer relay working principle. One relay coil is always on, while the other can be turned off and on with an electric signal sent through it from a control device such as a phone or computer system. The “on” coil receives power all the time, making it ready to activate at a moment's notice.

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