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arduino 74hc595 shift register control 16 led with 18 effects projects. I am thinking about how to control more than 20 leds with Arduino Uno, because Arduino Uno only has 13 digital pins. So how It's possible? #arduinoledprojects
That's why I came with the shift register 74hc595. We need only 3 Arduino digital pins to control LEDs using 74hc595 shift registers.
There are 3 part of shift register tutorial.
First control 8 leds.
Second control leds brightness.
Third Control 2 shift register with led effects.

arduino 74hc595 shift register control led brightness.
arduino 74hc595 tutorial with 16 led effects.
arduino shift register 74hc595 projects
74hc595 pinout
74hc595 shift register
arduino led effects

Components Required🛠🛠🛠
Let gathering the component to build the arduino 74hc595 led chaser.
1. Arduino Uno to the control shift register.
2 x shift registers 74hc595 for controlling the LEDs.
3. 16 LEDs as an output.
4. 16 resistors to protect the LEDs.
5. breadboards to build the circuit on it.
6.  jumper wires for connection.


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