on video Alimentation 12 volts pour chargeur de batterie 150Ah avec transformateur UPS - 220v AC à 12v DC

Today in this video I will be making a high current battery charger for my large 150Ah tubular inverter battery. I will be using a high current computer UPS transformer for this project. You can also use this device for DC motors.
It involves the conversion of 220 volts AC to 12 volts DC using a rectifier transformer and a capacitor.
the manufacture of this charger requires very few components. Its design makes it possible to deliver a high intensity depending on the choice of transformer and power components: The transformer, the diode bridge and the thyristor. The regulation system based on a very stable adjustable shunt regulator (TL431) allows the charger to be permanently connected for floating operation. the transformer must have a secondary voltage, no load, between 15.5V and 17V.


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