en video Nouveau circuit marche-arrêt İdea Clap - Pas de CD4017



Required Components:
• IC 4017
• Condense Microphone
• Transistor: BC547 (2)
• Resistors: 100K, 1K (2), 330Ω
• LEDs

Toggle Circuit: 1:34

2. Using 555 Timer IC 1:59

Required Components:
• 555 Timer IC (2)
• Condense Microphone
• Relay (6V)
• Diode (1N4007)
• Transistors: BC547
• Resistors: 100K (2), 47K, 10K (2), 1K, 330Ω
• Capacitor: 1 μF (2)
• LEDs

Other Requirements:
• Batteries: 9V (2) and Battery Clips
• Breadboard
• Breadboard Connectors
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