on video Split AC Wiring Diagram for indoor and outdoor units


 A split ac consists of two main parts – a compressor located outside and an inside air outlet unit. Today i show you the split ac wiring diagram of both indoor and outdoor units Unlike a system that requires a series of ductwork networked throughout the ceiling, split ac rely on a set of pipes to connect the outdoor to the inside air unit which is why there are referred to as a ductless mini-split air conditioner installation. Refrigerant is dispersed through the copper pipes that cycle through the system to generate either heated or cold air.

Energy wise, a split system with the highest Energy star rating not only allows your system to be more energy efficient, it also helps to keep the environment clean and lower your monthly power bill by using less energy.

If it’s time for a new ac unit installation or time to replace an older system with a more energy efficient system, here is an energy efficient option you’ll want to consider. One of the most common air conditioning systems that works well in homes without ductwork as an addition to your current heating and cooling system is the split ac.

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