on video How to Make Simplest Spot Welding Machine with 8 Capacitors

 How to Make Simplest Spot Welding Machine with 8 Capacitors

 to use science and make a spot welding machine at home with the simplest electrical and mechanical materials. It is amazing that by the simplest physics law we can make a powerful energy that can melt iron and do welding, we just parallel 8 capacitors, and as a result, we have a capacitor with about 70000 uF capacity that discharges in a very small time so we have a huge current. If you are enthusiastic about the detail of the mathematical law for capacitors
As you see the current is equal to the gradient of voltage in time so be careful the current at the time of connection of the two probes is huge and maybe a little electric shock.
 List of materials:
Capacitor 8600uf/63v x 8
Brass Pipe 6mm
Brass Wire 2mm & 1mm
Wire 3mm
DC 12-24v 20 ampere
Please attention that if your wire (when connecting capacitors together) is thin your system will not work.
About this project :
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