on vidio Ford Escort Cosworth #10 - calm and easy driving.


 A small movie of one of the last trips before winter in Norway with my Escort Cosworth. One of the tings you hear is the turbo "chattering" sound. Its because I've blended the dump valve. Yes, its wearing the turbo a bit faster, but the sound is toooo nice, so yes, I'll overhaul my turbo a bit further than I would if I didn't blend the valve, just for the sound! :-)

This Escort Cosworth is one of the first ever made, actually number 10, and has a badge "Karmann#10" in the engine room. It was owned by Ford Company in Germany for many years, had some years in Belgium and was imported to Norway in 2006.

Between and 2016 and 2019 its engine has been through a total overhaul, the car is painted, and every wear part is either changed or given an overhaul. The car has been given a new life.

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