on vidio DIY Lab Bench Power Supply Make Using ATX PSU

DIY Lab Bench Power Supply Make Using ATX PSU


In this video I am showing you how to convert an Old ATX Power supply unit into an awesome Lab Bench Power supply in greater detail of all the steps of making. This power supply unit has an ability of charge mobile phones and other rechargeable devices as well as supplying variable power of 3.3V, 5V and 12V including current measuring capability.

For this project you need following materials:

1) DC Panel Voltmeter Ammeter x1
2) USB Type a PCB mount – female x1
3) 12 Position Panel PCB Wiring Rotary Switch x1
4) LED red x1
5) 470ohm Resistor x1
6) 10W 10Ohm Ceramic Resistors x2
7) Black Binding Post x3
8) Red Binding Post x3
9) ON/OFF Rocker Toggle Switch x1
10)  Heat Sleeve Tubes
11)  230V Power Socket
12)  Earth Wire (GND Wire)


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