on vidio Car engine Cooling System animation|Thermostat,Radiator Cap,Coolant Reservoir Tank working| Hindi

Working animation of all parts of car Engine cooling system Thermostat, radiator cap valves working at different Engine temperatures and coolant pressures. How coolant pump and coolant temperature sensor works and full detail of radiator fan ON and OFF settings. When thermostat  start opening the main coolant and closing radiator bypass valve. Radiator cap valves Pressure Relief valve and vacuum relief valve explained how they let coolant to release from radiator at coolant over pressure and come back to radiator for maintaining the coolant inventory in the cooling system. Reservoir tank accommodate the extra coolant and gives back this coolant when vacuum is produced in the radiator.Coolant pump is responsible  for circulating the coolant in the whole circuit.Thermostat and Radiator cap valves temperature and pressure setting have been explained at which  engine operate and when main coolant valve and radiator bypass valve operate to keep engine working at operating temperature and pressure. Radiator pressure cap working and Thermostat valve working is explained. Radiator cap problems.

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