on vidio How to make auto change over switch for Home by using Contactor / Electrical Technician


automatic changeover switch for generator
Automatic changeover shifts to generator load automatically
after the absent of all three phases of mains and when the
generator is started. If any of the phase from mains side
returns the generator goes on no load condition and load
is automatically shifted to main section.
Magnetic Contactor
magnetic contactors are a form of electrical relay found on
most electrically powered motors. They act as a go-between
for direct power sources, and high-load electrical motors
in order to homogenize or balance out changes in electrical
frequency which may come from a power supply as well as to
act as a safeguard.
MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker
mcb are electric mechanical devices which are used to protect
an electrical circuit from an over current. It can be closed
without any hand-operated restoration. MCB is used as an option
to the fuse switch in most of the circuits.
Generator used for
in electricity generation a generator is a device that converts
motive power (mechanical energy) into electrical power for use
in an external circuit. Sources of mechanical energy include s
team turbines, gas turbines, water turbines, internal combustion
engines wind turbines and even hand cranks.

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