ON VIDEO Single Phase Motor Connection with Switch , House Wiring


 Single Phase Motor Connection with Switch  , House Wiring 

A 220V motor has the same structure as a three-phase motor, but 1 or 2 capacitors are added to simulate the third phase.

In the case of an assembly with 2 capacitors (1 permanent + 1 starting), the starting torque is better (1.8 to 2.5 the nominal torque).

  The start capacitor is operated for 2-3 seconds, then is automatically decoupled for a microswitch in the motor, to make room for the permanent capacitor.

When they are manufactured, the windings of single-phase 220V motors are calculated differently from three-phase motors, in order to take account of the capacitors.

A 2.2 kw three-phase motor and a 2.2 kw single-phase motor will therefore have the same power, the same nominal torque, but different consumptions (in Amperes), twice as high for a single-phase motor.

If you modify a three-phase motor by adding capacitors, you will lose 30% to 50% of the original motor power.

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