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Automation Studio 6.1: est This software is mainly used by engineers for fields such as hydraulics, pneumatics, synoptic, electrical and electrical engineering.

This program became more and more developed after the first version there to Two main versions of the software are proposed:
Professional version: which is a modeling and simulation tool
Educational version: which is a modified version of the first, designed for educational institutions.

Automation Studio libraries are set of symbols (for standards such as ISO, IEC, JIC, and NEMA). These elements are used to adapt the models produced to the different standards required by these organizations. The Automation Studio libraries are divided into 14 categories:
Electrical engineering
Proportional hydraulic and servovalve
Systems analysis tools
Proportional pneumatic
Dimensioning of fluid and electrical components
Drawer Design and Pump Configurator
BOMs and reports
Electronic catalog
Ladder diagram
Synoptic and control panel
digital electronic
Power supply
Multi-fluid simulation

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