ON VIDEO Don't throw away your car power window motor


Don't throw away your car power window motor

Don't throw away your dead Toyota 12v 10 amp DC power window motor.
This video is about not throwing away your old car power window motor even if it's dead. It's about recovering it, repairing it and reusing it like a normal high speed 12 volt permanent magnet DC motor.
The worm gear inside this motor is usually plastic, so I'm going to remove the entire gearbox and gear and use it as a simple motor.
An electrical machine is an electromechanical device based on electromagnetism allowing the conversion of electrical energy, for example into work or mechanical energy. This process is reversible and can be used to generate electricity:
electrical machines producing electrical energy from mechanical energy are commonly called generators, dynamos or alternators depending on the technology used;
lectrical machines producing mechanical energy from electrical energy are commonly called motors.
However, all these electrical machines being reversible and capable of behaving either as a "motor" or as a "generator" in the four quadrants of the torque-speed planeN 1,1,2,3, the motor/generator distinction is "commonly" made. in relation to the end use of the machine.
Rotary motors produce energy as the product of torque and angular displacement (rotation) while linear motors produce energy as the product of force and linear displacement.

Apart from electrical machines operating through electromagnetism, there are also electrostatic machines and others using the piezoelectric effect.
Transformers are also classified as electrical machines4,5. They make it possible to modify the values ​​of tension and intensity of the current delivered by a source of alternative electrical energy, in a system of tension and current of different values, but of the same frequency and the same form

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