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What are MCB, Isolators and RCCB and What’s the difference between them?
Many people use MCB rather than using RCCB because in earlier times, MCB was the only option which was available. Thus, many people rely on it rather than RCCB. In the case of RCCB, the fault zone of the electrical circuit can be easily identified. When there is a fault in the circuit, the MCB trips off. On the other side, MCB is very simple to resume again to support the supply. Well, in this article, we will be telling you the difference between MCB, isolator, and RCCB. Here, have a look!MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)
As we all know that, all fuses need to be replaced with the MCB for safety and control purposes. MCBs are electromechanical devices which are used to protect an electrical circuit from an overcurrent. It can be reclosed without any hand-operated restoration. MCB is used as an option to the fuse switch in most of the circuits. Unlike a fuse, MCB does not have to be replaced every time after a failure as it can be reused.

Another huge advantage of MCBs is that the detection of a problem is easy. Whenever there is a fault in the circuit, the switch comes down automatically and we are hereby informed that there was a fault. We can then manually go and put the MCB back up and the electricity will start flowing again.

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