ON VIDEO How To Make Simple Inverter 3.7v To 220v B688, No IC


How To Make Simple Inverter 3.7v To 220v B688, No IC

An inverter is a power electronics device that delivers alternating voltages and currents from a DC electrical energy source. It is the inverse function of a rectifier.

Inverters are bridge structures usually made up of electronic switches such as IGBTs, power transistors or thyristors. By a set of switchings controlled in an appropriate manner (generally a pulse width modulation), the source is modulated in order to obtain an alternating signal of the desired frequency.

Two types of inverters are used. We find the voltage inverter and the current inverter.

We usually distinguish:

The autonomous inverter which delivers a frequency voltage either fixed or adjustable by the user. It does not need an electrical network to operate. For example, a travel converter that is plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of a car to convert 12V DC to 230V AC 50Hz.

Non-autonomous inverter: this is the name given to the all-thyristor rectifier assembly (Graëtz bridge) which, in natural switching assisted by the network to which it is connected, allows operation as an inverter (for example by energy recovery during braking periods in drives with electric motors). At the base of the development of variable speed static drives for direct and alternating current motors, cycloconverters, current inverters for synchronous and asynchronous machines, up to powers of several MW, this type of assembly is gradually supplanted, in favor of IGBT or GTO converters.

in this video I'm going to show you How to make 3.7v to 220v inverter from ATX power supply. This time for new another video, today you will learn how to make a simple 3.7v to 220v DC to AC inverter at home. 


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