Directional Control Valve Working , ​Animation Pneumatic Valve Symbols Explained



Directional Control Valve Working , Animation Pneumatic Valve Symbols Explained

But this video is about different types of control valves known as Directional Control Valves or DCVs for short. You may hear of them as solenoid valves or spool valves as well.

The control valves are mostly known for their adjustability and throttling capabilities. But the valves we’re going to talk about them are the types that control the “direction” of the liquid flowing inside the pipe. Directional control valves are used in pneumatic and hydraulic flow control systems.

So there are pneumatic directional control valves and hydraulic directional control valves. Sometimes the hydraulic directional control valves are called spool valves.

In this video, you'll learn how a directional control valve works and how you should read and interpret its symbols. And all of these by a real-world application example of a 5/2 solenoid valve in pneumatic systems.

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