ON VIDEO Fluorescent Tube Light wiring connection


ON VIDEO Fluorescent Tube Light wiring connection

Even if sometimes changing a fluorescent tube to an LED tube can seem like child's play at other times, it can be a real headache if certain details are not taken into account.

So, to make the installation easier, we have therefore prepared this simple step-by-step guide to change fluorescent tubes for LED tubes.

 Depending on your installation with ferromagnetic or electric ballast, you will have to proceed differently.

A fluorescent tube is a tubular-shaped electric lamp, from the family of low-pressure discharge lamps. It contains mercury in the gaseous state, the atoms of which are ionized under the effect of an electric current applied between the electrodes placed at each end of the tube; they then emit essentially ultraviolet radiation by luminescence, which is converted into visible light by the fluorescent powder deposited on the walls of the tube. The color of the light emitted depends on the nature of the fluorescent powder used.

When the tube is folded back on itself and the ballast integrated into the socket, to take on a more compact shape, it is called a fluorescent or compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).

The fluorescent tube is often incorrectly referred to as the neon tube, while the neon tube is another type of discharge lamp, red in color, which does not use fluorescence.

The fluorescent tube can also be confused with a linolite, which is a tubular incandescent lamp.

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